Royal flush

April 23, 2010 Leave a comment

I played in a little main even satellite on Full Tilt poker and of course I get a royal flush when there is no money to be won just to advance to the next game:

I will not bitch I still knocked out a guy and did advance to the next level but it still would be nice to get this hand when it really counts! I have no reason for this post except to show of the hand!


Things change!

April 16, 2010 Leave a comment

So after my last post I decided that im putting that on hold, I have built a web-site and hosting private games on Full Tilt. You can check out my web-site at I also have another blog running to but I have much time to do anything with it and I started a forum page as well Go check them out and let me know what you think!

good luck at the tables!

Its on!

March 13, 2010 Leave a comment

So I started playing but have no rules set yet but I’m just in the free-roll stage still. I signed up for a couple free-rolls one of them was the round 1 that advances you on to a game on Sundays. This game has a max of 10,000 players and ended up having 7,742 players and it pays out to the top 250 players. The beginning stages in these games its people just shoving all there chips with any hand so you can gain a lot of chips real fast. In the later stages the game got a little tough I got put to a decision with QQ there was someone who went all in for about 25,000 and a re-raise from another for 31,000 and I had just over 36,000. After thinking about this call for a while I ended up folding. The reason I decided to fold there was I put the 2nd re-raiser on AK and I didn’t want to be in a coin flip at this stage with the amount of chips I had  to call off I would be crippled if I lost and I was sitting a little above the average chip stack. It turns out I was right about the re-raiser having AK and the other guy had K9. the flop came out with the A 5 8 but  of course a Q popped off on the turn and if would have made the call I would have taken 2 people out, but what can you do.

I still don’t think folding the queens in that spot was a bad move I still had a good amount of chips and still plenty of game to play. I ended up building my chips up to around 110,000 the rest of the game and qualified for the game Sunday and that tourney gets about 20,000 people in it and has a max of 30,000 so I’ll post how I do Sunday.

The other free-roll that I played was the $150.00 and it pays the top 45 people starting at 0.90 up to $18.00 to first. I felt pretty good about how i played in this one. It had 7500 people in it and just like anyone of these free games people just push all in with any hand so I folded a lot at first but ended up getting pocket aces a couple times so I was able to build my stack fast. nothing to exciting happened in this game I ended up placing in 71st so I didn’t cash but I think I should be able to do well the games to come.